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What is CTGX?

CTGX is a special purpose vehicle for a global wealth distribution initiative with the aim to balance the global wealth inequality. All tokenholders of CTGX who buy, sell, or trade on the Stellar DEX starting from 20th of September 2021 onwards will be eligible to receive funding and rewards on our 2nd phase distribution period (up to $500k per recipient). Up to date, the total approved fund distribution is $175.8 billion with projected over 1 million recipients worldwide will benefit from this initiative.

Note: The 2nd phase fund distribution will be credited through every CTGX tokenholder's Stellar address used to hold CTGX token based on trading volume. CTGX tokenholder(s) with more than $1,000 trading volume or more than 10,000 CTGX holding amount will be prioritized. The details will be officially announced at a later date on this website.

Token Information

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LIGHTNING FAST (2 seconds transaction time)

NO LIMIT (Any amount)

FUND & REWARDS (Eligible to all tokenholders)

NO MIDDLEMAN (Direct transaction)

CROSS-BORDER (Any part in the world)

PRACTICALLY FREE (Avg. 0.1% per transaction)

ADDED LIQUIDITY (Stellar DEX liquidity provider)

Important note: Please make sure you identify the real CTGX token. Please double check the above information before you do your trade and obtain information only from our official website at https://www.cryptog.finance, on the blockchain explorer or this website (https://www.ctgx.io) for CTGX token.

CTGX Roadmap and Timeline

Q4 - 2020

Q4 - 2021

Q1 - 2022

Q2 - 2022

Q4 - 2022

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The completion of total CTG migration to CTGX


Listing on CoinMarketCap and Binance

2nd phase fund distribution to all CTGX tokenholders

CryptoG DEX and Debit Card issuance

CryptoG bank launching with full-fledge crypto related services

CTG is fully circulated to public

Added liquidity on all on-chain DEX 

Added liquidity on all on-chain DEX