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CTGX token will be listed on Binance exchange in:

A Worldwide Decentralized Funding Distribution Token Aimed to Balance the Global Wealth Inequality

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CTGX is a token created on the Stellar blockchain as a special purpose vehicle for a global wealth distribution initiative with the aim to balance the global wealth inequality. All token holders of CTGX who buy, sell, or trade on the Stellar DEX starting from 20th of September 2021 onwards will be eligible to receive funding and rewards on our 2nd phase distribution period.


Up to date, the total approved fund distribution is $175.8 billion with millions of people worldwide will benefit from this initiative. The funds will be distributed in a liquidity pool to all CTGX token holders available on all Stellar Decentralized Exchanges (SDEX) based on their shareholdings.

Up to $100,000 grand prize up for grab!

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Asset Code:

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Home Domain:

Get CTGX on Stellar DEX:

Get CTGX on the secondary market listed on Stellar DEX at Nice Trade.


Important note: Please make sure you identify the real CTGX token. Please double check the above information before you do your trade and obtain information only from our official website at https://www.cryptog.finance, on the blockchain explorer or this website (https://www.ctgx.io) for CTGX token. We are experiencing a technical problem with updating our logo to a new one and you might not see it in the blockchain explorer for the time being until further notice.

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Token Information


Scan on Lobstr to accept CTGX trustline

Token Holder Benefits


Totally Anonymous

No need for troublesome verification and Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, since CTGX are only listed on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). Your privacy and your personal data is not required at all.

Inflation Free

Unlike paper money that are controlled by central banks and can be printed without limitation, there are only one billion units of CTGX issued and circulated to the public.

Seamless Cross-Border Transfer

CTGX can be seamlessly transferred to anyone at any part in the world, without restriction.

Receive Funds & Rewards

With our reserved funds, we provide added liquidity across all on-chain network by distributing funds to all CTGX tokenholders in stages based on the shareholding. Extra rewards coming from our referral program where you can earn and win prizes.

No Middleman

Transfers done directly between sender and receiver with no intermediaries. This save you a lot of hefty transaction fees and unnecessary loss of value.

Lightning Fast

Fast and easy asset transaction, seamless and instant trading with lightning speeds at extremely low cost.

Value Added Asset

We are rapidly expanding globally in accordance with our roadmap and layout plans. With more holders of CTGX and increased liquidity at limited supply, CTGX value will keep on increasing over time.

Inter-Asset Swap

CTGX can be swapped to other assets including crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple) stocks (Apple, Alibaba, Tesla), fiat (US Dollars, Pound Sterling, Renminbi), and any other form of assets available.

Practically Free

Transaction fees is practically free: on average is around 0.00001 XLM per transaction (max 0.001 XLM per transaction, regardless of amount).

CTGX Roadmap


CTGX Roadmap and Timeline for the calendar year 2022 - 2023

Q1 - Q2 2022

Q2 - Q3 2022

Q4 - 2022

Q4 2022 - Q1 2023

The launching of CTGX referral program and competition


Listing on CoinMarketCap and major exchanges under DeFi category


Worldwide media coverage with top-tier international media agency


Fund injection for CTGX liquidity pool


2nd phase fund distribution to all CTGX tokenholders


CTGX token staking rewards, 40% -85% **~APR (TBA)

Launching of CryptoG Decentralized Exchange (CDEX) with liquidity pool (AMMs)


CryptoG debit cards issuance (2nd phase)


Digital wallet


CryptoG bank launching with full-fledged crypto-related services

(World's first decentralized crypto bank)

*Liquidated from our organization's Bitcoin (BTC) core vault reserve for CTGX liquidity pool and 2nd phase fund distribution to CTGX tokenholders. Distribution will be made based on each tokenholder's CTGX shareholdings.

**Estimated current staking return, APR = annual percentage rate. TBA = to be announced.

***Total reserved liquidity pool funds


Quick Start Guide

Referral Program

How to get CTGX?

1. Download                       .

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2. Scan using your Lobstr to accept CTGX trustline.

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3. Get CTGX on the secondary market listed on Stellar DEX at Nice Trade:

Grand Prize: $100,000

Monthly Winner Prize: $10,000

Join our referral program to earn free CTGX tokens and stand a chance to win prizes worth $100,000 and more!

Our community is growing fast with all the development work behind the scene and with so much happening that it’s sometimes difficult to keep track of everything. Our success is a huge appreciation to our token holders and we want to take a moment to give something back.


Join now and get your rewards!

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